New 2010 Christophe Poly designs are here!  We are loving the new additions to the collection, and they are bigger and bolder than before!  He  has added a new metal color, a shiny brass that is a nice in-between the matte silver and shiny gold.  There are new chain styles: a long bold chain with oval links, and double-strand leather in multiple colors, and they have dropped the lever-back and clip-on earring styles.

Check out the selection on our website, now including an extensive selection of Christophe Poly’s rings.  You’re also welcome to drop us a line or give us a ring if there’s something special you’re looking for!


New at La Bella Vita

December 13, 2009

It’s been almost two weeks since we have last posted.  Boy, has this December been a whirlwind!  We know that many of you have been dutifully shopping for your gifts, but many others have been pushing the task off.  Fortunately, we receive new orders regularly, so there is always a fresh, interesting array from which to select presents.  New orders include:

— Aluminum, brass and acrylic jewelry from Christophe Poly.  His innovative, architectural designs are certain to please your recipient with their uniqueness.  Plus, they don’t tarnish!

— Contemporary and transitional wall decor, including several large mirrors with twigs, twine, and metal.  Perfect for the entryway, bathrooms, or anywhere that needs livening.

— Stearin candles from the Austrian Atelier.  These are hot, hot, hot!  We have already reordered several times in the last two months. They are vibrantly colored and strikingly patterned, and make great gifts.

Texas General soy candles are back in force!  We have a great selection of scents and are happy to ship your order.

We are always happy to gift wrap and consult on gifts.  Happy Holidays!

CP-neck15Today we had the pleasure of receiving over 75 new pieces of jewelry from Christophe Poly of Crono Design!  As usual, they have provided us with a rich assortment of popular styles, ranging from large, bold designs to more delicate petite ones.  There are numerous necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.   Feel free to peruse the designs available on our website, or give us a call for more options!  608.831.3303

Christophe Poly is a Canadian designer; focusing on aluminum and brass jewelry created in his hometown of Montreal.  His work has been described as highly architectural, due to the dimensionality of each piece.  The breadth of styles speaks to women (and men!) of all ages, with timeless designs that transcend the latest fashion.

Today was Canadian Jewelry Day at La Bella Vita – not only did we add the artist Hilary Druxman, we received a large number of pieces from Canadian artist Christophe Poly.  There are fabulous new necklaces, both with rubber cords and silver or gold chains, bracelets of rubber or metal, and a bounty of aluminum rings, also in silver or gold.  As always, his jewelry is in high demand and CP-cbrac03sells quickly.   

We urge you to take a look at our selection on our website, and then contact us about additional available items. Christophe Poly’s jewelry sells so quickly it is difficult for us to keep an updated catalog, but we are always happy to snap a quick photo of the pieces that are currently in stock.

We can be reached at 608.831.3303 or – please feel free to contact us with questions or special orders!

Today was a particularly exciting day for the receiving department – shipments from Orna Lalo, Funky Junque, and Christophe Poly were all delivered back-to-back!  

Funky Junque Gold Crushed Square Necklace

Funky Junque has graced us with a lovely selection of our best-selling necklace styles, delicate strands adorned with pearls, charms, or crystals.  These necklaces are just perfect for summer and pair nicely with a flowing dress or even work-wear.  Gold or silver, or even mixed, these are perfect for layering!  Also, check out the square rhinestone-studded pendants… very chic!

Light and bright acrylic keychains from Orna Lalo are HOT-  these are fabulous gifts or just little luxuries for yourself.  The author has been carrying hers for several weeks and has gotten a bevy of compliments!

Christophe Poly also sent us a small selection of chain necklaces, with pendants that are slightly smaller than those on the bold rubber cords.  These are perfect for the more petite ladies, or those that prefer smaller jewelry.

Stop by to enjoy the colorful array of beautiful goods available!

Finally, a long-awaited order from Crono Design arrived today!  We are happy to have a large number of rubber necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, earrings and rings, featuring several new designs and many of our favorites.  


Crono Design’s jewelry is created by Christophe Poly, a talented Canadian artist who uses an architectural, geometric approach to jewelry design.  His pieces are unique, stunning, and durable, made primarily from recycled aluminum.  He also uses brass accents and rubber cording in many of his pieces. In the few hours since the order arrived we’ve already sold a number of pieces!  Please, hurry in before it’s all gone!

We have added many of his pieces to the website for our far-away audience, but because the work sells so quickly we do not keep a full inventory of Christophe Poly’s work on the web.  If you’d like to see what we currently have in stock, please drop us an email and we’d be happy to snap a photo for you.  In the meantime, please view our website!

Seeka Jewelry

Today we had the pleasure of receiving several jewelry orders, which we are pleased to showcase!  First off, our favorite designer, Christophe Poly shipped us a large order that includes rubber necklaces, bracelets, and earrings galore!  There are many fresh new designs and plenty of sets.  Secondly, we received a colorful and spunky selection of jewelry from Seeka, by Israeli artists.  The pieces are very whimsical and great gifts.  Finally, our other new jewelry line comes from Russia, made of intricate hand-painted beads and pendants.  The detail on these is unbelievable!

Please note that while we do have a selection of Christophe Poly jewelry on our website, it sells so quickly that we have a hard time keeping the site up-to-date.  You’re always welcome to contact us for updated status & and photos of the inventory we have in stock.  Special orders are also available.